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Elevate Your Knowledge of

 Yoga & Meditation

Study with a Master Teacher in a lineage tradition

Certified Yoga Therapist &

Certified Mindfulness Meditation Teacher

Ellen’s yoga journey began over 40 years ago while a freshman in college.  When a back injury sidelined her aspiring Broadway dance career, she committed to a consistent practice to keep her mind, body, and spirit healthy, while navigating a career in the corporate world. Fed up with this unfulfilling life, she became a ​certified yoga teacher in 2000 with the mission to share the gifts of this traditional discipline with others.

Since then, Ellen has amassed 1,000 hours of yoga teacher training programs and went on to  graduate from Gary Kraftsow's  2-year Krishnamacharya-based yoga therapy certification curriculum, which included clinical studies.  Most recently, she graduated from a 2-year Mindfulness Meditation teacher training program with Jack Kornfield and Tara Brach.

For 12 years, Ellen owned The Yoga Sanctuary in New York.  During this period, she gathered together an amazing community of like-minded individuals.  She directed the staff and schedule of over 30 classes a week, as well as offerings of massage therapy and acupuncture.  

Classes with Ellen

Ellen teaches yoga as a mindful slow flow vinyasa with therapeutic applications to bring ease to common aches and pains.  In addition, she offers  adaptations to  accommodate both limitations and abilities.  Her classes are infused with humor and yoga philosophy. Students come away feeling empowered and with a deeper sense of self.   

Mindfulness meditation classes are facilitated to anchor practitioners in the present moment while developing a friendly and compassionate relationship with the workings of the mind.  Practices include topics such as loving-kindness, forgiveness, self-compassion and gratitude.   You will develop a better relationship with yourself and will thrive in your relationships with others.

The power of the breath is explored in both yoga and meditation classes.  Your breath will anchor you in the present moment, relax your nervous system and during yoga will facilitate a more effective and efficient means of movement.  The power of the breath cannot be over-stated.

Ellen is passionate about helping students discover their unique needs and tailoring both their yoga and meditation practice to bring balance and healing to their lives.

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