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Elevate Your Knowledge of

 Yoga & Meditation

Study with a Master Teacher in a lineage tradition

Certified Yoga Therapist &

Certified Mindfulness Meditation Teacher

Ellen Patrick, E-RYT 500

Certified Yoga Therapist

Mindfulness Meditation Teacher

El​len has been a practitioner of yoga for 40 years and has been teaching yoga for 20.  A regular contributor to Yoga Journal, her passion is to educate and empower students to actively participate in enhancing their health and well-being.  She teaches a slow, "mindful yoga flow" methodology that unites the body, mind and spirit through the gifts of asana, breath, mantra and medtation.

Trainings for Teachers

The Yoga Sanctuary in New York, New York offers classes for aspiring yoga trainers so that they can learn yoga and meditation techniques that can help awaken and uplift their students. Browse through our list of training sessions:


Harness this new skill and elevate your teaching to a whole new level! The Art of Scribing will make your class planning process easier, faster and more enjoyable. As a visual aid, Scribing will help you quickly create efficient and relevant flows. Drawn sequences also serve as an easy-to-read "cheat sheet" to keep you on track while teaching a class.

And, Scribing is an excellent take-home guide to encourage your private students to practice on their own.

You don't need to be an artist to draw yoga-glyphs!!!

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