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Elevate Your Knowledge of

 Yoga & Meditation

Study with a Master Teacher in a lineage tradition

Certified Yoga Therapist &

Certified Mindfulness Meditation Teacher

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Student Testimonials

"I was telling my husband last night how comfortable I felt in your presence since the very beginning of my recovery from chemo/radiation. Yesterday's class lifted me up emotionally and my energy also jumped a notch, thanks to your guidance."

- Carole H. | Cancer thriver


"I was thinking after class yesterday that you are one of the best yoga teacher’s that I have come across. Your class, instructions, asanas and use of Sanskrit were simply brilliant. Thank you for being you."

-  Robin Elkaim | Yoga Teacher


"I finally got myself out the door in time to make Ellen's Slow Flow class...what a treat!  Add this to your routine.  I've been practicing and learning for over 25 years and Ellen's expertise really can't be overstated.  Run don't walk.  She's awesome!"

- Lydia Merl | Yoga teacher


"We have many special people who come into our lives at different times and for many different reasons. Ellen is why I started teaching yoga! She believed in me, taught me all I know, and made yoga real to me and so many people--staying true to the calling of yoga and not making her studio a trend or the latest fad of yoga! She pushed me to do a teacher training and made me the teacher I am today!”

- Desiree Spencer | yoga teacher


"Thank you for the wonderful yoga classes over at Lynn Cancer Institute. You connect with each of us students in a personal way which gives it all the more meaning. You've given us a deeper understanding and comfort."

- Sylvia R | cancer thriver


"In addition to being a charming and elegant person, Ellen is a thorough and effective teacher who offers her students the benefits of her knowledge and training as a YOGA THERAPIST. This means that she goes far beyond being just a yoga instructor who leads class.  She always takes the time to stress proper bodily alignment and helps her students to improve their form, thus eliminating pain, strengthening weak areas, and clearing up existing injuries as well as helping to prevent new ones. Ellen is patient, gentle, kind, encouraging, humorous, generous and warm.  She is very thorough in her explanations and pays careful attention to detail. It is obvious that she loves what she is doing and she is always willing to share her knowledge and expertise.”

- Estelle Wheeler | long-time student


“Ellen is a truly compassionate and intuitive teacher whose classes always leave me feeling renewed and in touch with my own intuition.”

- Kathy Casa | yoga teacher


“I am Carol's daughter. She is an 85-year-old woman who takes your class. I just wanted to share with you my conversation with my mom this morning. First of all she LOVES you. She tells me her attitude changes the minute she walks into class and sees your beautiful, serene face. She loves your class and all the lovely things you say during class, as well.  Mom told me after class she always feels like giving you a hug and feels wonderful for the whole rest of the day!!! What a blessing you are for my mom and I wanted to let you know you are appreciated. Peace and Blessings!!”

- Leslie Petit Husain

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