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Elevate Your Knowledge of

 Yoga & Meditation

Study with a Master Teacher in a lineage tradition

Certified Yoga Therapist &

Certified Mindfulness Meditation Teacher




A Traditional Master Class

Saturday, November

12:00 - 1:30pm

Inhale…Exhale…you do this 24/7. The breath is the fuel upon which spirit travels while riding in the vehicle of your body. Do you ever stop to think about the effects of your breath on your well-being? Does it drive you too fast? Too slow? Do you wait until you’re on empty before paying attention to dashboard alerts? This workshop will teach you to cultivate a mindful awareness of the basic functioning of the breath so you can keep your tank full. Adding bodywork through asana, you can remove the roadblocks to increased vitality.

Originally presented at the 2017 Yoga Journal conference in New York City, Breathe Your Body is an inspirational journey toward creating a deeper and transformational breath. Through a slow “mindful yoga flow” your body will invite the vastness of this life-force to animate and nourish every single cell of your being. Don’t miss this opportunity to cultivate optimum healing power when you learn to “Breathe Your Body”.

This practice is especially helpful for beginning yoga students and a wonderful insight for experienced students. Yoga Alliance CEUs are available for yoga teachers.

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