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Experience & Expertise

C-IAYT:  Certified Yoga Therapist

Mindfulness Meditation Teacher

Yoga Therapy

Yoga Therapy facilitates the process of self-care using the tools of yoga such as postures, breathing techniques and meditation. In this way well-being is influenced in a more positive direction and transformation may take place on the physical, physiological and/or psychoemotional levels.

Therapeutic Vinyasa classes embody a slow flow practice with emphasis on adaptation of postures for the unique needs of the individual. Students are coached in self-awareness and are encouraged to explore postures with a safe and mindful approach. Asana practice focuses on core strength, flexibility, overall strength and joint range-of-motion.

Breath is used in support of asana and to anchor students in the present moment. Meditation is used to cultivate a deeper sense of self. Students with injuries and limitations will thrive in these classes.